Picture the perfect baseball uniform. Are you thinking of a comfortable jersey? What do your pants look like? While these items come to mind easily, you may have forgotten one essential item - a baseball belt. 

We consider baseball belts to be the hidden MVPs of the baseball uniform. Not only does the perfect baseball belt complete your look, but it also provides vital support and enhances your performance. Belts are a key component of the uniform that creates identity and builds team spirit.


Baseball player wearing white uniform with black core energy belt around his waist. With baseball glove on right hand.


When you look at old photographs of baseball uniforms, it’s hard to believe that the players could actually play the sport in those clothes! It has taken years for baseball uniforms to evolve into the stylish, comfortable, and functional sportswear we wear today. 

For instance, did you know that in the late 1800s baseball players wore uniforms based on their position, not their team? All players, no matter which team they played on, would wear a pattern and color combination that would communicate their position. This made it difficult to determine who was playing with and against each other. The concept lasted just a year before players began to wear patterns and colors that aligned with their team. 

Today, baseball uniforms have become a symbol not only representing the team of the player, but the sport of baseball itself. Let’s explore what is holding these uniforms together. 


4 core energy belts (blue, maroon, red, black from left to right) hanging on baseball field dugout barrier with baseball player in white uniform in the background.


Meet the baseball belt - the article of clothing that literally holds the uniform up. A baseball belt’s primary purpose is no different than any other belt. Its function is to hold the pants up and secure the pants to the waist of the player. 

Each baseball league may have different regulations regarding the color, width, and design of the baseball belts. Core Energy Belts are uniform-compliant and approved for both professional games and practices. 

From running the bases to sliding on to home plate, the game of baseball requires lots of movement from its players. A belt is necessary to play the dynamic and fast-paced game of baseball. Wearing a belt gives players confidence to play to the best of their ability without worrying about their pants sliding around. 

However, baseball belts are more than just a functional accessory. They have a greater impact on the sport, especially in creating uniform identity. 


What comes to mind when you think of your favorite baseball team? For many, they picture the team’s uniform. Uniforms are one of the most visible ways a team communicates their brand. 

A player’s uniform consists of matching pieces to create a clean, cohesive look for the team. Visually, it looks more professional when players are all dressed identical. Every detail of the uniform needs to be alike - including the baseball belts. 

While baseball belts are worn for functionality, they also contribute to adding the finishing touch to a uniform. Belts are a visible aspect of the uniform, making them an integral part of the overall look. Players wear the same style belt in the same color to create a cohesive uniform. Core Energy Belts are available in a variety of colors, with gold and silver buckle options. 

In addition to enhancing the uniform’s visual appearance, baseball belts are important in building a team identity.

Baseball player in white unifrom with oragne #19 and MULLER text on the back. Wearing a black Core Energy Belt while walking down a hallway.


There is no better feeling than putting on your team uniform for the first time. Instantly, you feel a part of something special, something bigger than yourself. A uniform is an essential part of sports because it helps to create team identity. 

Uniforms are a symbol for teams, representing a long history. Players feel that they not only belong to their current team, but all of the teams before them. In recent years, many MLB teams have turned to throwback uniforms, honoring favorite looks of the past with fresh updates. This truly shows the connection that players, coaches, and fans have with uniforms. 

From caps to cleats, a player’s uniform communicates who they are and what team they represent. All of the pieces of the uniform come together to give the team an identity. Putting on a team belt is the finishing touch. 

When you wear the uniform, you’re no longer just a baseball player. You’re part of a team with a common goal, unique traditions, famous superstitions, and a legacy to uphold. 


Successful baseball teams don’t just have skilled players. They also possess a strong sense of team spirit. Baseball belts foster team spirit by connecting the team visually. 

In the 1850s and 1860s, baseball belts were first used to showcase team spirit. Teams displayed their names on the belts and decorated them in colorful patterns. This added extra spirit, and truly made each belt unique to the team. 

Today, teams typically wear plain belts in one of their colors. Some team belts feature special branding or the team’s logo, reminding the players of who they are representing. 

Baseball is a sport with many superstitions specific to each team and player. Some players find themselves with a “lucky belt” that gives them a psychological boost when playing the game. The superstition runs so deep that they won’t play the game without wearing the belt! Other players develop rituals where they must tighten their belts before an important play. 

This visual representation of team spirit is a source of pride and motivation for players. Team spirit naturally builds when you are wearing a baseball belt that has a special meaning to you and your fellow team members. 

Baseball player in the bull pin posing to throw a baseball with left hand and a glove in the right.


Because the baseball belt plays an important role in uniform identity and team spirit, it is crucial to choose the perfect belt for your team. Worn by over 700 professionals, Core Energy Belts are the perfect choice to give your team a competitive edge. 

Unlike regular baseball belts, Core Energy Belts are designed to enhance core stability for enduring athletic performance. Our belts elevate intra-abdominal pressure (IAP) to a point of super stiffness, enhancing energy transfer and optimizing muscle contractions throughout your body for faster movements. 

Whether you’re a hitter, catcher, pitcher, or any position on the field, our belt’s flexible lumbar support offers crucial reinforcement, instilling confidence for longer and more intense play. Our baseball belts are one size fits most and come with a customizable cut-to-fit guide for up to 46 inches. Check out our sizing guide to learn more about the fit. 

Overall, baseball players wear belts for several different reasons. Baseball belts provide a practical function of holding up the player’s pants, empowering them to play with agility, speed, and confidence. However, the true magic of baseball belts lies in their impact on uniform identity and team spirit. 

Wearing matching belts creates an elevated, professional image that communicates team identity to spectators. Players also feel a sense of belonging when they are all wearing identical belts. Baseball belts also build team spirit by showcasing the team’s colors in a unique way. 

That’s why at Core Energy Belt, we consider baseball belts to be the hidden MVP of the baseball uniform. Whether you’re a coach searching for the perfect belt to add to your team’s uniform or a player interested in taking their game to the next level, Core Energy Belt is here for you. Shop our collection of baseball belts today!