The Core Energy Belt has been validated by a wide range of users including coaches, trainers, professional athletes and aspiring players. This essential accessory has consistently delivered for those athletes seeking the best products to support their performance goals.


The Core Energy Belt is quickly gaining recognition as a valuable tool for high achieving teams. Core Energy has reinvented an often-ignored piece of equipment, the baseball belt, to offer teams a new way to outpace their competition. Athletes love the increased stability and support the belt provides. When you are competing at the top, you are looking for every advantage. The Core Energy Belt supports players in their efforts to unlock their full potential and deliver exceptional performances on the field.


The Core Energy Belt is not just a piece of equipment; it becomes a tool that players love. By applying a strong, yet comfortable pressure to your core, it supports professional athletes across the United States and Japan, it is used by some of the top players in baseball.


First-hand perspectives from former players, professional trainers, and current coaches who have embraced
Core Energy Belts as a pivotal strategy on the field.

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Dr. Ryan Crotin, Ph.D., CSCS, RSCC, an expert in Baseball Injury Protection

“In the sport of baseball, belts have been viewed as an accessory with little function. The CoreEnergy Belt is going to change that perspective and help a lot of athletes both on and off the field.”

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Rob Ducey, Former MLB player and coach

“For me, the support the belt provides is something that I feel gives me the ability to keep on working, keep on going … I don’t get tired nearly as easily as I would have in the past.”

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Dr. Yusuke Iwahori, Ph.D, Professor, Orthopaedic Surgery, Aichi Medical University

“Core Energy is a very practical item and is effective in improving athletic performance and prevent sports injuries.”


From enhanced performance for catchers and golfers to improved agility and power for softball players, discover a wealth of benefits specific to your athletic goals.