When catchers are on the field, they have multiple pieces of equipment to keep them on top of their game. Not only do they need to be able to play at their absolute best, but catchers need the proper equipment to ensure they are protected as this position is one of the most dangerous and most strenuous in baseball.

According to the MLB, “Catchers have many duties on defense.” Their responsibilities include catching all pitches thrown by their teams' pitchers, helping coordinate pitch selections using hand signals between their legs, throwing to second and third base, and stoping advances on home plate from the opposing teams runners. Ultimately, they control what happens during the game when the ball is not "in play"

Most injuries that catchers sustain are not the result of collisions at the plate but from the maneuvers required when playing in the catcher postion. In this position, both the upper and lower body are put to work, creating stress on the catcher’s legs, knees, back, shoulders and elbows.

Our Core Energy Baseball belt has been adopted by some of the best catches in the world, including two 2023 all-star catchers. 

Japanese All-Star catcher (2013-2014), Hikaru Ito, is a Core Energy Player Advisor. To learn more about why this professional catcher has picked Core Energy HERE.

We are confident that professional and amiture catchers will fall in love with flexibility CoreMesh material. In a test we conducted with Chubu University in Kasugai City, Aichi Prefecture, the tests highlighted increased ease in knee lifting and transitioning into the catcher’s position compared to traditional leather belts. 

If you are a baseball catcher or softball catcher give the Core Energy baseball belt a test to see if it helps your game. If you don’t like it, we have a 30-day return policy. 

Not only is a proper belt important for a catcher’s movement and performance, with the high risk of injury from the position itself, several factors come into play when sourcing catcher's gear - mobility, breathability, comfort, and fit. Here is a list of the best catcher gear for adults that are the perfect fit for any play style.

Helmet/Face Mask

Arguably the most important piece of equipment for a catcher is their face mask. The mask is in place to protect the catcher’s face, much of the side of the head, and part of the throat. Without a mask, catchers are at risk of injury, and even death. 

The chance of a foul ball, swung bat, or missed catch hitting the mask of a catcher during a game is likely to happen at least once per game which makes this a very dangerous position to play without protective equipment. 

Visibility and fit are huge factors when it comes to fitting your helmet or face mask and the All-Star Lightweight, Classic Facemask is our top choice.

Features of the All-Star Lightweight, Classic Facemask:

Visibility: I-Bar Vision is a proprietary design by All-Star that features thin, flattened bars used to build a strong mask while also increasing the catcher's range of vision.

Lightweight: The steel used to create the mask is hollow, reducing the overall weight of the mask. All-Star's DeltaFlex harness system keeps the gear from excessive movement, making this a great pick for comfortability.

Durable: The steel cage may be hollow, but the strength of the face mask's cage is not compromised. The use of cage steel offers protection to the catcher and stays strong with each game played.

Moisture-Wicking: The padding in this mask features All-Star's dual-density foam liner called LUC Ultra Cool. These pads keep you cool on a hot day and are removable and washable.

Chest Protector

The chest protector of a cather is a piece of equipment, padded with rubber, plastic foam, or gel, that protects the catcher's body as well as blocks them from the impact of a pitch if they fail to catch it. In our search to find the best chest protector, we found that the All-Star System 7-Axis Chest Protector was designed with both comfort and safety in mind.

Features of the All-Star System 7 Axis Chest Protector:

Comfortable Fit: The chest protector features the DeltaFlex adjustable harness and internal moldable protective plates that allow you to achieve a more comfortable fit.

Lightweight: All-Star has included the diamond vented design to improve breathability and reduce weight.

Protection: The wedged-abs design blocks vulnerable areas and allows the ball to deflect downwards protecting the catcher further.

Leg Guards

To protect the knees and legs from impact of a ball or player, leg guards are used to prevent injury caused by balls the catcher misses or a base runner sliding into homebase with their cleats exposed. 

Having a full-coverage leg guard that doesn't add extra weight is essential to a catcher's arsenal of gear. The All-Star System 7 Axis Leg Guards are the best leg guards a catcher can have in those moments:

Features of the All-Star System 7 Axis Leg Guards:

Mobility: All-Star's LINQ technology features a pivotal hinge that ensures the leg guard moves with you, and not against you. An upper strap is also featured to help prevent excessive movement.

Coverage: These leg guards provide coverage around the leg, above the knee, and over the toes. 

Reduced Weight: Rear vents are featured on these leg guards, reducing the weight expected and making this piece of gear a great pick for comfortability.

Catchers Mitt

Catchers use mitts that contain extra padding compared to normal gloves that the other positions wear in baseball to lower the impact of the ball on their hand when catching a pitch. According to the Catcher Wikipedia page, the first baseman also wears a mitt instead of a glove, but it is longer and not as heavily padded as a catcher's mitt. 

The Wilson A2K Catchers Glove is our recommendation for the best catcher mitt that will fit you like a glove and keep your hand protected from any fastball:

Features of The Wilson A2K:

Durability: Constructed with Pro Stock® Leather and SuperSkin, this mitt is made of durable materials that extend the life of the glove.

Comfort: The modified pattern of this mitt brings the pinky and thumb closer while maintaining the shape and size of the pocket. This is a great mitt for those with smaller hands as well, thanks to the Pedroia Fit. 

Control: The Pro Stock® Leather has a dimpled pattern in the palm and web of the mitt that helps reduce the spin rate of the ball at the moment of contact between the ball and glove, keeping you in full control.

Catchers Accessories

Playing games weekly, along with all the practicing it takes to be on top of your game, is hard on a catcher's body. That is why we created a belt that will help any catcher play the long game with added core stability and hip flexibility.

Features of the Core Energy Belt include:

Core Stability: The Core Energy Belt provides targeted support to your core muscles, helping you maintain balance and stability while catching pitches or making throws.

Comfortable Fit: Made from high-quality materials, the Core Energy Belt is comfortable to wear throughout the game, allowing you to focus on your performance.

Adjustable: The belt is fully adjustable, ensuring a secure and customized fit that suits your unique body shape and playing style.

Enhanced Agility: With improved core strength, catchers can move more efficiently, react faster to unexpected plays, and maintain proper positioning behind the plate.

Durability: The Core Energy Belt is built to last, with a robust design that can withstand the rigors of the game.

Making sure each piece of equipment is durable, comfortable, and provides protection is essential to making a difference in your game. To take your performance to the next level, consider adding the Core Energy Belt to your gear lineup.