While belts are not often thought of as essential equipment for golf, some sports use them as tools. In powerlifting, the weight belt offers support and assists with alignment. In karate, the belt colors signify varying skill levels, and the tieing process mentally prepares the student for physical practice. 

For many of the Japanese professional baseball players using the Core Energy Belt, our belts have become more than a simple accessory. They play a role similar to the two belts above. The belts provide back support similar to weight belts, and they play a mental role in preparing for action. 

Hitting legend of the Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB), Seiichi Uchikawa tightens his belt, similar to a Karate black belt, before preparing to enter the batter's box. 

Core Energy Belt can help golfers too…While a standard belt serves its purpose, a product tailored explicitly for athletes and their unique requirements can significantly enhance the playing experience. Crafted from lightweight, flexible materials, our athlete-specific belts prioritize comfort and contribute to, rather than impede, your swing.

Man wearing a white golf shirt with blue polkadots, black shorts, and a white and blue Core Energy Belt.


Core Energy Belt for Golfers

A strong and engaged core is key to preventing fatigue from compromising your golf performance. When exhaustion creeps  in, players often make subtle changes to their swings, inadvertently inviting inconsistency and the potential for injuries, hindering your overall game. If you suffer from lower back pain when you play, try the Core Energy Belt for 18 holes. When worn tightly, players often feel better after a full round, meaning more play, practice, and room for improvement. 

By wearing a Core Energy Belt at the right tension, force is effectively distributed around your core, adding additional support that helps engage your core muscles.

When your body is correctly working in sequence, the power generated by your lower body can more efficiently transfer to your lead arm and can lead to a more powerful and consistent swing.

Famous golfer Tiger Woods, wears a golf belt: a G-flex leather belt. How does this benefit you? 

Our belt strikes the perfect balance between strength and stretch, providing unmatched support and comfort during your game. 

The Core Energy Belt optimizes intra-abdominal pressure (IAP) to enhance core engagement. A more engaged core is essential to injury prevention and performance.

Golf belts can also help you improve your mobility. For example, A strong back belt, made of stiffer materials and with the ability to apply significant amounts of pressure can help support the lower and upper body, and can be beneficial when recovering from an injury by reducing inflammation and chances of re-injury.


They are the perfect fit: Our belts are one size fits most and come with a customizable cut-to-fit guide. Check out our sizing guide to learn more.

Supports performance: Our belts are designed to aid the engagement of abdominals that support your swing. 

They provide support: Paired with our cut-to-fit system, our belts provide essential support for your lower back without impeding movement. See specific belt to make sure it fits you. 

They give comfort: Say goodbye to discomfort and stiffness. Our unique stretch material provides a comfortable and flexible fit around your waist, making it a preferred choice over belts.

They are made out of high quality materials: Designed by stacking multiple layers of CoreMesh material, our golf belts provide the perfect balance between stretch and strength. 

They are made in Japan: Our belts are manufactured in-house at our factory in Nagoya, Japan, ensuring high-quality craftsmanship.

Let’s talk about how to fix your belt because every belt should feel right for you. The right fit is extremely important and easy to achieve. Our custom fit process allows you to find the perfect fit. 

Man wearing white golf shirt with blue polkadots, black shorts and silver Core Energy Belt.



Record your waist measurement using a measuring tape. Always double-check your measurements to ensure a perfect fit.


Locate the middle hole on the belt. Measure from the end of the belt to the middle hole, and mark the point that is equal to your waist measurement.

To account for the belt buckle, subtract and mark two inches from your waist measurement, then cut the excess material along this mark. 

Open the mouth of the buckle and insert the body of the belt. It should be ready to wear. 

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Delve into the possibilities that await as you consider our specialized belt meticulously crafted to cater to the needs of golf enthusiasts like yourself. Whether you're striving to refine your swing, enhance your performance, or achieve greater consistency in your game, our belt has been designed to align seamlessly with your objectives. 

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