Baseball is a game with rich traditions and exciting competitions. Umpires play a crucial role in making sure the game is fair and maintaining its integrity. Their uniform, besides being a symbol of authority, represents order and control on the field. In this detailed look, we'll break down the essential elements of an umpire's uniform, exploring both its practical features and the unique style it adds to America's beloved pastime.

Shirt and Pants:

At the heart of the umpire ensemble lies a meticulously chosen shirt and pants combination. The shirt, a beacon of professionalism, must boast breathability and moisture-wicking capabilities to withstand the endurance test of hours on the field. Paired with durable, comfortable pants, this foundational duo ensures the umpire's ease of movement while maintaining a polished appearance.


  • Functionality: The shirt and pants combination forms the core of the umpire ensemble, providing breathability, moisture-wicking capabilities, and durability for hours on the field.
  • Benefits: Enables ease of movement while maintaining a polished appearance, crucial for the demanding role of umpires. 

The Umpire Cap:

The plate and base umpire(s) are to wear a hat/cap on the field at all times and are encouraged to wear a clean, unstained and “blocked” umpire hat/cap with a 2-inch brim. The plate umpire is never to wear the hat backwards. Umpire caps are available in traditional soft fabric and hard-shell plastic, for additional protection when working the plate.


  • Functionality: Beyond extra protection and sun blocking, the cap symbolizes authority and professionalism.
  • Benefits: Caps equipped with advanced moisture-wicking technology enhance style and functionality under pressure, elevating the umpire's on-field presence.

A great recommendation for a skull cap is the All Star Cobalt Umpire Skull Cap. Emphasis on launch angle and winding up for home runs mean one thing…more collisions with bats. The Cobalt Skully is the first hard shell skull cap designed for umpires. The visor is shortened just like a plate cap to avoid interference with the mask.

Umpire Helmet:

Umpire helmets offer optimal protection with their comprehensive 360-degree coverage. Instances of backswings and balls coming from the backstop are common at various levels of play. The helmets excel in deflecting force, especially when balls make contact with the sides, thanks to their strategic angles. It's worth noting, though, that helmets come with the trade-off of being hotter, heavier, and more unwieldy compared to masks, requiring a bit more adaptation and getting used to.

  • Functionality: Lightweight design and robust protection ensure safety without compromising visibility.
  • Benefits: Comfortable padding and adjustable harnesses allow umpires to focus on the game without compromising safety.

A great option for an umpire helmet is the All Star Matte Black MVP5 Umpire Helmet. Its all-new deflexion technology is made of durable TPR Shock Hammocks placed along the forehead and chin to isolate your dome from the energy caused by direct impacts. It offers:

  • Cutting Edge Ventilation - New laser cut padding to reduce weight while dramatically increasing ventilation
  • Oversized Air Mesh 2.0
  • I-BAR BSP™ Cage - With the advent of “launch angle swing-paths” we’ve developed our proprietary I-BAR BSP™ (Back Swing Protection™) technology.
  • New shape enhances the structural stability of the helmet while improving overall weight distribution and balance for a secure and comfortable fit.

Indicator Counters and Plate Brush:

Umpires are conductors of the game, and their hands wield indicator counters and plate brushes as essential tools. Opt for a compact, easily accessible set that seamlessly integrates into the uniform, allowing umpires to effortlessly track balls, strikes, and outs. A plate brush, a seemingly modest accessory, ensures the pitcher's plate remains immaculate—a small yet impactful detail in the broader orchestration of the game.


  • Functionality and Benefits: Indispensable tools for tracking balls, strikes, and outs, contributing to the overall conduct of the game.

A great option for an indicator counter is the GR8 Call 4 Way Plastic Indicator. The indicator has:

  • Durable black plastic
  • Displays 3 strikes, 4 balls, 3 outs, and 9 innings
  • Red numbering on white background

For a plate brush be sure to check out the GR8 Call Wood Handle Umpire Plate Brush. The brush has: 

  • Full feel wood handle
  • Nylon bristles for durability
  • Fits conveniently in any bag

Quality Baseball Belt:

Often overshadowed, the baseball belt emerges as a game-changer, uniting the umpire's ensemble and providing a secure foundation for essential accessories. Choose a belt crafted from robust materials, capable of withstanding the demanding wear and tear of a rigorous season. Its adjustability not only ensures a snug fit but also sets the stage for a polished appearance that reflects the professionalism of the game.

  • Functionality: Unites the umpire's ensemble, providing a secure foundation for essential accessories.
  • Benefits: The Core Energy Belt offers lasting back support, engages core muscles, and ensures comfort and stability for peak performance.

The Core Energy Belt is a top choice for umpires and players in the Japanese Professional Baseball League. Similar to our baseball belt, the umpire belt is worn by the majority of professional umpires. 

Our umpire belt was officially launched in North America in late 2023. At the time of this publication, very few MLB umpires are wearing our belt. We are confident that the belt will be adopted in the years to come because it’s crafted from high-quality, high-tech materials for a perfect blend of strength and flexibility. 

Providing lasting back support, this belt is essential for preventing discomfort or instability that could impact your movements and worsen existing injuries. By enhancing intra-abdominal pressure, the Core Energy Belt engages your core muscles, offering vital back stability. Its flexible lumbar support adds an extra layer of reinforcement, distributing force effectively to alleviate pressure on crucial areas and ensure a comfortable and supported experience.


Black Core Energy Umpire Belt


What sets the Core Energy Belt apart is its performance-focused design. Facilitating the engagement of abdominal muscles crucial for swinging and throwing, the belt's high-performance CoreMesh moves seamlessly with your body, providing strong yet flexible stability with a full range of motion. With eight color options and two buckle colors, the Core Energy Belt is a versatile addition to any uniform. For optimal results, be sure to wear the belt as instructed. Elevate your game with the Core Energy Belt – the ultimate support for peak performance.

Umpire Shoes:

Acknowledging the long hours umpires spend on their feet, comfortable and supportive footwear becomes a non-negotiable must-have. Look for umpire shoes that offer cushioning, arch support, and non-slip soles, providing the necessary comfort and stability for umpires to maintain their focus on the game without the distraction of discomfort.

  • Functionality: Cushioning, arch support, and non-slip soles provide necessary comfort and stability for long hours on the field.
  • Benefits: Minimizes discomfort, allowing umpires to maintain focus on the game.

If you’re looking for a quality pair of umpire shoes, check out the New Balance 950v3 Low, Black/White shoes. The shoes have:

  • New aggressive nubby outsole for optimal traction on dirt, grass and turf
  • Synthetic upper for easy cleaning and polishing
  • Minimal strategically placed mesh for breathability
  • Full-length Fresh Foam midsole - ultra plush & supportive
  • MLB logo on tongue
  • Low-cut design
  • Black & white
  • Great for use in baseball, softball, football and lacrosse

Umpire Indicator Watches:

Embracing modern innovation, umpire indicator watches streamline the game, enhancing accuracy and efficiency. With built-in indicators for balls, strikes, and outs, these watches eliminate the need for separate counters, offering a sleek and functional addition to the umpire's toolkit. Choose a watch that is easy to read and operate, providing a seamless experience on the field.

  • Functionality: Streamlines the game, enhancing accuracy and efficiency with built-in indicators for balls, strikes, and outs.
  • Benefits: Sleek and functional addition to the umpire's toolkit, eliminating the need for separate counters.

A good recommendation for an indicator watch is the Robic 1000W Umpire and Referee Dual Stopwatch/Countdown Timer. This reliable Robic timer for umpires and referees combines a multi-mode stopwatch with an easy-to-use countdown timer.


Umpire and referees standing on the hitters box on the baseball field.


Weather-Resistant Gear:

Nature, unpredictable as it may be, demands preparation. Umpires, equipped with weather-resistant jackets or pullovers, can navigate rain or shine with ease. A sun-protective cap or hat completes the ensemble, ensuring comfort and shielding umpires from the elements. Weather-ready gear allows umpires to maintain their focus, irrespective of the challenges posed by Mother Nature.

  • Functionality: Equips umpires to navigate varying weather conditions with ease.
  • Benefits: Weather-resistant jackets, pullovers, and sun-protective caps ensure comfort and shield umpires from the elements, allowing them to maintain focus.

Smitty Officials Apparel has great weather resistant gear for any umpire uniform. Their high quality apparel will keep you warm and in good shape to do your job effectively.


Umpire striking a player out of a baseball game.


The umpire uniform is more than just clothes; it's a carefully designed outfit that helps umpires do their job well. Each part of the uniform, from the shirt to the pants and even the baseball belt, has an important role in how the umpire works. By making sure they have the right uniform, umpires can confidently officiate games, earning respect from players and fans. In the world of baseball, the umpire uniform shows dedication, precision, and professionalism, emphasizing the importance of these qualities in the beloved sport.