Those who truly love the game understand that every item they bring to the course can have an impact on their performance. Attention to detail is essential to prepare physically, technically, and mentally. This includes the fit of your clothing, the condition of your club, and the quality of your golf balls. We at Core Energy believe that the golf belt is an often-overlooked accessory that can actually help your game. 

Professional golfers, in particular, have raised awareness about the importance of every aspect of their attire and gear. Their style on the course isn't just a fashion statement; it's a carefully considered choice that can affect the outcome of their play. A golfer's belt, for instance, is not merely a fashion accessory but a crucial component that can influence an entire day's play. Therefore, it's essential to have a good understanding of what to look for when selecting a golf belt. Let's explore a few favorites among professional golfers and what qualities to consider when choosing the right belt for your game.


Low angle shot of a golfer in tan shorts, and red polo wearing a white Core Energy Belt swinging a golf club over his shoulder.


Core Energy Belt:

One of the newer additions to the world of professional golf, the Core Energy Snap Fit Belt offers increased support with the ability to easily adjust to find the perfect fit. It comes in three different colors, allowing you to express your fashion sense while prioritizing performance. The durable gunmetal gray buckle provides premium comfort while you play. Core Energy’s golf belts are one size fits most and come with a customizable cut-to-fit guide for up to 46 inches.

The Core Energy Belt is crafted from a unique CoreMesh stretch material, ensuring a comfortable fit around the waist. Say goodbye to discomfort and stiffness on the course. What sets this belt apart is its ability to provide excellent swing support. By engaging the abdominals through intra-abdominal pressure, it enhances stability and energy transfer while reducing body fatigue during your rounds of golf and optimizing your swing.

Let's take a look at two other popular golf belts to get an idea of what makes a good golf belt and was qualities to consider when picking the right one for you!


Black Nike woven golf belt.


Nike Stretch Woven Belt:

Nike's golf line has been popular among golfers for its quality and style. The Nike Stretch Woven Belt offers extreme comfort, thanks to its stretch material, allowing for a full range of movement. It's available in a variety of colors and sizes, ranging from small to extra-large. The woven design of the belt adds a touch of style to your overall golf outfit, making it a favorite among both professional and amateur golfers.

Tan Calloway Golf Belt


Callaway Golf V-Logo Belt:

Callaway is a well-established name in the world of golf, known for producing high-quality golf products. Their V-Logo belt is a one-size-fits-all belt made from stretch material, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit. It's a clasp-fit belt designed for comfortable wear. The stretchy material not only allows for ease of movement during your swing but also ensures the belt stays in place. Available in both navy and gray, the sleek style of this belt complements your golf attire perfectly.

Choosing the Right Golf Belt:

When it comes to selecting the perfect golf belt, everyone's needs can vary. It's important to understand what you're looking for in a golf belt to make an informed choice. Consider the following factors when deciding which belt suits you best:

Material: The material of the belt can impact comfort, flexibility, and durability. Stretch materials are often preferred for their flexibility.

Sizing: Ensure the belt fits your waist comfortably, and consider belts with customizable options for a better fit.

Price: Golf belts come in various price ranges, so consider your budget when making a choice.

Stretch: Stretchy belts offer ease of movement and comfort, which are essential on the golf course.

Style: Your golf belt is not just functional but also a style statement. Choose one that complements your golfing attire.

Reviews: Reading reviews and hearing feedback from other golfers can help you make an informed decision.

Wearability: Consider how easy it is to put on and take off the belt, especially during your rounds of golf.

Comfort:  A comfortable belt is crucial for an enjoyable and focused game of golf.

Design: The design and aesthetics of the belt can make a difference in how you feel on the course.


Core Energy Belt Snap Fit Golf Belt in white being latched on a golfer wearing a red shirt and tan shorts.


In conclusion, even seemingly small accessories like golf belts can have a significant impact on your game. By wearing a Core Energy Belt at the right tension, force is effectively distributed around your core, adding additional support that helps engage your core muscles. This then enables the body to work in unison, improving energy transfer throughout your muscles. This means you are working less, reducing the fatigue in your lead arm and increasing energy transfer for a faster and more consistent swing speed.

Professional golfers understand the importance of back support, swing, and every detail in their attire, and you should too. Do your research and explore the options available. The Core Energy Belt is one such option that combines style, comfort, and swing support. Your golf belt choice may seem insignificant, but it can contribute to a more enjoyable and successful day on the course. 

If you suffer from lower back pain when you play, try the Core Energy Belt for 18 holes. When worn tightly, players often feel better after a full round, meaning more play, practice, and room for improvement. And If you’re not satisfied within 30 days, we’ll offer a full refund—no questions asked.

Don’t let discomfort hold you back on the course. Play longer, feel better, and improve your game with the Core Energy Belt.