We partnered with MLB content creators Eric Shellhouse and Liam Hendricks, also known as the Bat Boys, during Spring Training and the 2023 World Baseball Classic so that they could share Core Energy Belts with baseball’s top players.

With a wide variety of content pieces, including Instagram posts and YouTube videos, the partnership has successfully created a buzz within the baseball community.

This collaboration resulted in increased product awareness by some of the game’s biggest names.

“Stars in the MLB are already using it, like Mookie Betts,” Shellhouse said. “We can expect to see even more guys using it with players on the Mariners, Padres, Giants, Dodgers, Royals and Reds, all already using it. With the Core Energy Belt, these guys are going to be in a better position to play the long game this season and we were so excited we got to give them their belts.”


Giants catcher Joey Bart said of the belt, “it feels good on me, it fits perfectly, it’s tailored to me. With this belt, it’s a natural feel, it’s a great product.”

Will Smith of the Dodgers echoed the sentiment, saying, “[Core Energy] offered them up to a bunch of us in our clubhouse. It’s comfy, and I like it.”

Scott Mathieson, who made his fourth World Baseball Classic appearance with Team Canada in 2023, praised the quality of the belts. “All the belts are amazing … I have a black one from Japan that I wear with my jeans,” Mathieson said.

While this partnership served as an introduction to the belt for some big time MLB players, its success in Japan has been well established — with perhaps the clearest example of that being 20 players on Team Japan wearing the belt during the 2023 World Baseball Classic.

The Bat Boys were in attendance for Team Japan’s thrilling 6-5 win over Team Mexico, a victory that sent the Samurai to the WBC final.

The author of that win, Munataka Murakami — a current star of the Nippon Professional Baseball League and future star of the MLB — is a Core Energy Belt Spokesperson.

Another key member of Samurai Japan’s WBC title run, Masataka Yoshida, is already wearing the Core Energy Belt in the MLB.

While just a couple months into his rookie season, Yoshida has swung a red-hot bat. He currently leads Boston with an .875 OPS.

Marika Lyszczyk, a pitcher for the Sonoma State Baseball team and member of the Brockton Rox of the Futures League, told the Bat Boys that she was looking forward to trying out the Core Energy Baseball Belt on the mound.

“I’ve had really bad lower back problems … I’m super excited to try this out” Lyszczyk said. “All the guys on my team are going to be so jealous.”

Marika, a native of British Columbia, made history as the first Canadian-born woman to appear in an NCAA baseball game. In May of 2023, she made history yet again — becoming the first woman to appear in a game in the Futures League. The Futures League is a summer baseball league that has seen over 150 players drafted into the MLB since the league’s inception in 2011.

“It’s crazy to think that a bunch of Big League players are going to be wearing these belts this season because of [this partnership],, because we were able to gift it to them at Spring Training,” Eric Shellhouse, one of the Bat Boys co-founders, said. “We never would have had that opportunity if it weren’t for Core Energy.”

“It was a super, super cool feeling to see the Mariners had posted a picture of [pitcher[ Logan Gilbert wearing the Core Energy belt that we had just gifted to him,” Shellhouse added.

Liam Holland, the other co-founder, echoed Shellhouse’s sentiments.

“It’s so cool to be put in a situation where we can be mutually beneficial with these players. We’re giving them a product that is seriously going to help them and give them a huge advantage throughout the season,” Holland said. “It really does provide insane, incredible benefits. Lower back support is important in baseball, engaging your core is so important in baseball, and increasing power throughout your throws and swings is also super important.”

Core Energy Belts, alongside the Bat Boys team, takes pride in seeing our products worn by big-league players and contributing to their success. This partnership signifies the importance of performance, comfort, and style in the world of baseball, demonstrating how the right gear can make a significant difference.